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Visit 301 Redirects Of Expired Domains – What SEOs Don’t Tell Ya for the whole story

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just buy a site that similar to yours and redirect all their backlinks to yourself … you might try point them to relevant content or simply to your homepage.  I do that.  I’ve lead clients to try it with great results.  But it seems back ops and the more prolific SEO channels out there generally ignore redirecting or they discourage it.

Consider Yoast … they are hands down number one in SEO page optimization on a WordPress site.  There blog then largely is widely accepted and they have said relatively nothing on the matter … but would it surprise you to learn they actually do it themselves?  Something they do but they’ve never made a blog post about it.

Heres a video I made where I show others redirecting backlinks from now functionally defunct sites to their homepage.

Now what?  Well so now you need to learn what sites to register and to redirect.  This involves a minor audit of the site first.  But thats another video.

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