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Oct 12
Oct 10

Louisville Voter Guide Takes It Up A Notch Locally

Louisville Voter Guides have in the past left something to be desired.  The official state guide at only gets a voter to register and understandably it leaves out most of the candidate information. Sean Delahanty’s campaign site similarly must remain neutral as a judge must remain nonpartisan but his voter guide includes candidates website […]

Oct 05

The secrets of spider venom | Michel Dugon

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Oct 04
Oct 02
Oct 01

Why Dating Might Be A Game, But It’s Not A Zero-Sum Game

elite daily BYVASUNDHARA JAINOCT 30 2014I penned this article as a direct response to the recent, “Zero-Sum Game: Women Guard Sex, Men Guard Commitment, No One Wins” by Lauren Martin. Ms. Martin recently wrote about dating from an interesting viewpoint: It is a zero-sum game, a give-or-take relationship, in which someone always loses. And, it […]

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